Balance Due Notice Mailings: Due Dates Extended to Help Taxpayers

Balance due notices will start being sent again shortly and the IRS is warning the letters will come with due dates that have already passed. The due dates aren't accurate, but there is nothing the IRS can do to change the dates on these computer generated letters. See the full statement below.

"Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRS was unable to mail some previously printed balance due notices as a result of office closures. As IRS operations continue to reopen, these notices will be delivered to taxpayers in the next few weeks. Given the time it would take to reprogram IRS systems, and generate updated notices, some of the notices taxpayers will receive have due dates that have already passed. However, each notice will include an insert confirming that the due dates printed on the notices have been extended.

Extended Payment Due Dates: The payment due dates printed on the notices have been extended, as described in the insert. The new payment due date will be either July 10, 2020, or July 15, 2020, depending upon the type of tax return and original due date. Taxpayers should be sure to read the insert included with the notice that explains the delay and provides the correct payment due dates." - Cathye Mason, IRS Stakeholder Liaison Portland, OR