Financial Controller Professional

Fractional Bookkeeper

Day-To-Day Transactional Accounting Services

With Trout CPA’s Fractional Bookkeeper services, our experienced accountants will manage your business’ day-to-day transactions and bookkeeping activities. Contact us to learn how we can best help your business succeed.

Bookkeeping Services

Account Reconciliations Icon

Account Reconciliations

Reconciling accounts is critical for ensuring the accuracy of financial records. Trout CPA’s Fractional Bookkeepers can help businesses regularly reconcile their bank accounts, credit card accounts, and other accounts. 

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Maintain Accounts Payable Ledger

Managing accounts payable is critical to effective cash management. We help businesses manage their accounts payable ledger by:

  • Tracking and managing vendor invoices
  • Preparing payments
  • Ensuring timely payments to vendors
General Ledger

Monthly General Ledger/Trial Balance Maintenance

We maintain the general ledger and trial balance by recording all financial transactions and ensuring all transactions are recorded correctly.

business investment accounts

Monthly Investment Account Reconciliations

We reconcile business investment accounts by:

  • Tracking investment transactions
  • Reconciling account values
  • Ensuring accurate financial records
Year-End Bookkeeping

Year-End Accounting Adjustments and Closing of Books

Closing the books at year-end is essential for preparing financial statements and tax returns. Our Fractional Bookkeepers prepare for year-end by:

  • Making necessary accounting adjustments
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Ensuring accurate financial records

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