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Fraud Investigation & Forensic Accounting

Detection and prevention of fraud

Our fraud examination professionals specialize in detecting and deterring corporate, organizational, and external fraud schemes. Cases of financial fraud are investigated by our Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) and Certified Financial Forensics (CFF) experts.

Our team of fraud examiners and forensic accountants utilize a full range of skills to prevent, detect, and investigate fraudulent conduct. Techniques include witness interviews, document and computer analysis, and specialized audit and investigative methods.

Does your company need an Internal Control Study?

An internal control study may be performed to help your business identify weaknesses in procedures and develop new processes to deter and detect fraud before it occurs. Internal control is considered the frontline defense against fraud schemes. The study assesses the adequacy of controls to ensure that business transactions are processed completely, accurately, with appropriate authorization, and in accordance with management's directives.

An internal control study can be customized to focus on specific transaction cycles, such as:

  • Revenue to Cash (Revenue/Billing, Cash Receipts)
  • Procure to Pay (Cash Disbursements, Procurement)
  • Hire to Pay (Payroll, Human Resources)
  • Treasury and Investments
  • Inventory
  • Period End Financial Statements (General Ledger, Financial Reporting)

Areas of Expertise

  • Fraud and misconduct investigations
  • Forensic accounting services
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Financial statement fraud
  • Economic damages
  • Fraud Risk Management
    • Internal control studies
    • Review of policies and procedures
    • Fraud prevention services
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