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Overcoming daily challenges

When it comes to the consumer economy, the only constant is change. Retailers, wholesalers, dealers, and distributors, all rely on consumer spending to drive revenue while encountering a myriad of challenges daily. Interest rates, employment levels, financial market values, tax legislation, lending policies, new products, new markets, technology advances, and changes in the competitive mix demand action from these companies. Reacting to these conditions is not enough to ensure survival.

Knowledge and anticipation are essential to solving these challenges. To grow a consumer-based business during economic uncertainty, management must understand what is happening now and what is likely to happen, and then have a plan in place to deal with any situation.

We specialize in helping businesses plan for and take advantage of fluid economic conditions. Our understanding of financial requirements and operational challenges benefits retailers, wholesalers, dealers, and distributors. We develop an understanding of your business and tailor our services to fit your needs, foster growth, and improve profitability.

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Tax Services for the Consumer Industry

  • R&D Tax Credit
  • Industry specific tax deductions and credits
  • Tax deferred exchanges
  • Tax minimization strategies

Financial Statement Services for the Consumer Industry

  • Examinations
  • Forecasts and projections

Advisory Services for the Consumer Industry

  • Lease vs. purchase analysis
  • Income Tax Nexus Studies
  • Entity formation and selection
  • Entity structure analysis 
  • Internal Control Studies  
  • Financing assistance

Outsourced Accounting for the Consumer Industry

  • Payroll assessment and administration
  • Selection, implementation, and operation of accounting software

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