Providing the highest level of assurance

Our audit team members possess the technical know-how needed to perform a high-quality audit and combine that skill set with their industry expertise. As a result, we perform effective audits with a practical approach that will minimize unnecessary time and effort spent by your staff.

A highly trained and well-supervised audit team will proactively meet with you ahead of the audit to understand the ins and outs of your organization, including its internal controls structure. From there, we will develop a customized audit plan to specifically home in on risky audit areas. In other words, we will brainstorm scenarios of what could go wrong with your accounting and financial reporting and then design procedures that will detect such inaccuracies.


Trout CPA has invested in the tools to allow our audit teams to effectively complete their work during fieldwork and share insights and recommendations with you along the way. We employ various sampling techniques in our audits and perform substantive procedures such as external confirmations or examination of source documents. Analytical procedures will be used in the preliminary and final audit stages as well as throughout the engagement in the form of substantive audit procedures for significant audit areas. For many audit engagements, we use data extraction software to obtain and analyze your accounting data for various purposes, such as sampling, detecting trends and abnormalities, or analyzing account balances without always needing to interrupt your staff.

The audit will conclude with our delivery of audited draft financial statements and other draft audit communications. We will meet with the management and the governance group to review the results of the audit and provide feedback and suggestions.

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