City Revitalization & Improvement Zone Deadline Approaching

June 15, 2019 is the filing deadline for the CRIZ (City Revitalization and Improvement Zone).  A CRIZ is an area of up to 130 acres, comprised of parcels designated by an authority to capture state and local taxes for improvement and development in the designated CRIZ zone. These exist in sections of Bethlehem, Lancaster city, and Tamaqua Boro.

All qualified businesses, within a CRIZ, must complete annual state and local tax reports by June 15 each year so the Department of Revenue and local tax authority may certify the amount of taxes to be transferred to the CRIZ Fund. Failure to file these reports can result in a $1,000 penalty.

For assistance with submitting complete CRIZ tax reports, please contact #TEG at 717-569-2900.