Trout CPA Raises Over $10,000 for Ukraine War Refugees

Trout CPA Raises Over $10,000 for Ukraine War Refugees

It’s been over one month since Russia invaded Ukraine. Our firm is filled with grief and helplessness as the conflict in Ukraine continues. Last week, many of our professionals showed support by attending the Ukraine War Refugee Aid fundraising event hosted by Bethany Slavic Church. The event included BBQ, authentic Slavic baked goods, a silent auction, and music.

Bethany Slavic Church, located in Ephrata, PA, has a large number of Ukrainian members who still have loved ones in Ukraine. Their church has started a Ukraine War Refugee Aid Fund to help provide evacuation, temporary housing, and accommodations in Poland, Romania, and other nations.

On Friday, March 26, 2022, our professionals were challenged to raise $5,000 for the Ukraine War Refugee Aid Fund, which the firm would match. Three days later, the $5,000 fundraising goal was surpassed. “We want to thank our professionals who jumped right in to make this happen faster than we could have imagined!” said Todd Harrington, Managing Partner at Trout CPA.

Our firm will continue to look for opportunities to aid Ukraine War Refugees. You can read more about the Ukraine War Refugee Aid Fund here

Our thoughts, prayers, and actions will continue to focus on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.



Update - As of 6/3/2022, the grand total raised so far is $13,196.69.


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