Trout CPA Hosts Blood Drive

Trout CPA Hosts Blood Drive
Trout CPA will host a Blood Drive on Thursday, October 28th at our Lancaster City Office located at 160 E King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602. The Blood Drive will run from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and will go to the Lancaster General Hospital (LGH) Blood Bank.

LGH uses 70-90 units of blood every day. Blood cannot be manufactured so the hospital relies on the generosity of the community to stock the LGH Blood Bank. At Trout CPA, we are excited to be able to contribute to the local community in this way. 

Trout CPA Partner, Karen Shenk, explains why donating blood means so much to her. "My mom gave over 13 gallons of blood during her life (104 pints, one pint at a time). As a nurse, emergency responder, and firefighter, she knew firsthand the importance of giving blood. To honor her, I give blood as often as I am able. If I give blood every 8 weeks, it will take me 16 years to give as much as she gave."

If you would like to participate in donating blood, you can sign up at 

Requirements for Donating Blood

  • Ages 16 to 74 (16-year-olds are required to have a parent or guardian sign off to donate)

  • A minimum of 110 lbs

  • Must be feeling well (no cold, sore throat, or flu symptoms) with no recent major surgery

  • No tattoos or piercings within the last 3 months

  • No history of hepatitis

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

  • Eat a good meal within 4 hours of donating

  • Be well hydrated the day before and day of donation

  • Bring a list of medications to the appointment

  • An acceptable form of identification is needed: LGH barcoded donor type card (preferred), Driver's License, passport, birth certificate, school, college, work ID with photo, ARC, or other blood collection photo ID. 


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