Inflation Adjustments Impact Qualified Small Businesses


Various provisions of the Internal Revenue Code that are tied to specified dollar amounts provide that those dollar amounts are to be increased for inflation. Provisions of interest in the accounting methods realm include the increases to the threshold to be considered a small business taxpayer, which determines whether certain entities...

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The Cost of Providing Employee Parking Just Went Up

Written by Sandra Nonnenmocher, CPA, MST & Robin Bodine, CPA

As a business owner or administrator for a tax-exempt organization, you are well aware of the costs of providing parking for employees e.g. lot maintenance, snow removal, insurance, security, and other lot expenses.

What you may not be aware of is under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,...

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Are Funds from Customer Credit Card Payments Going into Your Employee’s Pocket?

Most businesses today accept credit cards from consumers as a form of payment.  The process of accepting credit cards for payment of goods or services helps to guarantee the collectability of customer account balances.  Additionally, during difficult economic conditions, the use of credit cards may be the only method available for consumers to...

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Missing Participants? Understanding Your Fiduciary Responsibility to Locate Unresponsive Plan Participants

Written By: Megan Senkowski, CPA

A common issue facing plan administrators of defined contribution plans relates to asset balances in their plans of terminated employees. Often times, these balances can sit there for years, generating interest/investment income for the participant, as well as additional administrative expenses for the plan. In the...

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FAQ on Internal Controls

Written by Sean D. Post, CPA, CFE

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Where does your business have income tax nexus?

The onslaught of modern day technology has made the world as we know it a much smaller place.  As a result, even small businesses are routinely conducting business activities across state and even international borders.  Other small businesses are planning to expand their product and service offerings into new state jurisdictions, as a way to grow...

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New Repair Regulations

Are you prepared for the final tangible property repair regulations?

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