PA Business Taxpayers Required to Transition from E-tides to myPATH

PA Business Taxpayers Required to Transition from E-tides to myPATH

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's final phase of its modernization project includes transitioning business taxes, including employer withholding tax, sales tax, and corporate taxes, from e-TIDES into the myPATH system. The transition, which is scheduled to start in November 2022, will require business taxpayers to register their accounts with myPATH (existing e-TIDES usernames and passwords will not be converted to myPATH). It is recommended that business owners wait until after the transition is complete to register. 

What should business owners do before the transition to myPATH is complete?

In order to have a smooth transition, business taxpayers should verify that their information is up to date in e-TIDES. The PA Department of Revenue is recommending business owners wait until the transition is complete to create a myPATH login.

What should business owners do after the transition to myPATH is complete?

As soon as the transition from e-TIDES to myPATH is complete, business owners should visit and create a login by clicking Sign Up.

Sign up for myPATH

In order to verify your identity, you will need to provide your ID number (e.g., FEIN, SSN, PATH ID, or Revenue ID), the tax type, and an additional piece of information specific to your tax account.


Will e-TIDES be available after the transition?

After the transition, the following services will remain available on e-TIDES for approximately 90 days:

  • Sales Tax and W-3 Employer returns
  • Sales Tax and W-3/501 Employer payments
  • Corporation Tax payments (e.g., estimated, extension requests, and delinquency payments)

How Trout CPA is Assisting Clients

Our firm has a dedicated team of professionals available to assist clients with this transition. For questions or assistance, please contact your Trout CPA professional or complete the form below.

For more information, read the article Department Of Revenue Prepares To Transition Business Taxpayers From E-TIDES TO myPATH in the Tax Update which details the upcoming changes.


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