3 Cyber Fraud Tips for Your Leadership Team

Owners, CEOs, and other positions of leadership are at higher risk of being targeted by hackers. People in these positions are specifically targeted for cyber attacks because of their decision-making power, access to resources and the company. Therefore, they are much more likely to experience attacks of impersonation, also known as CEO fraud, than the average employee.

Here are three tips to help avoid CEO cyber fraud:

  1. Avoid posting your vacation plans and pictures on social media until after you are back. Hackers will gather this information about you to time an attack while you are away from your office and most vulnerable.
  2. Set your out-of-office replies to internal only or contacts only to avoid telling everyone that you are away. Keep your plans on a need-to-know basis.
  3. Take an inventory of what a hacker could want from your company. This could include money, blueprints, or your supplier access to a larger company. Protect those assets and inform the key employees involved.

The most important way to avoid CEO cyber fraud is to train and inform your employees. Anyone in a leadership role or access to money or protected information should have extra training on how they will be targeted.

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