Funding Available: Dauphin County DCED $10,000 Block Grant Program

Dauphin County DCED still has some funding available as part of their $10,000 Block Grant Program. According to the Dauphin County webpage, "The CDBG is a federally funded entitlement program that provides funding to local and state governments across the country. In 2002, the Dauphin County program attained urban status - meaning an increase in allocation - totaling approximately $1.5 in aid throughout the county to benefit low-income and disabled residents."

Key Facts:

  • Companies can request up to $10,000 in funding.
  • Applications for funds processed on a first come, first served basis.
  • Applicants must plan to use the funds: 
    1. Short-Term Working Capital for Businesses Employing 51% or More Low-to-Moderate Income Individuals
      Funds must be used for short-term operational needs including payroll, rent, mortgage, and/or utility payments. IMPORTANT: Applicant must furnish income certifications for ALL employees to demonstrate 51% or more earn low-to-moderate income wages (<$45,450 annual wages per employee).
    2. Payroll Support for Low-Income Employees (Businesses with some LMI individuals but less than 51%)
      Funds must be used solely to recall and/or retain low-to-moderate income employees. Applicant must provide wage certifications for LMI employees it intends to support with CDBG-CV funds.
For additional information and to apply, visit Community Development Block Grant.