SALT and compliance strategies may be a principal concern for your business and can be one of the more challenging aspects of taxation in general.

States have become increasingly aggressive at asserting that any type of in-state business activity will create state tax reporting responsibilities, or nexus, for an out-of-state business. States are also becoming more sophisticated in the identification and enforcement of state tax non-compliance.

State tax legislation lacks uniformity across states and can be ambiguous or silent on key reporting and compliance concerns. Business activities that pose no concern in one state may trigger a tax reporting requirement in another state. This setting is confusing to taxpayers and furthers the idea that a state filing requirement may be undisputable and that planning opportunities are unavailable.

Trout CPA will help your business navigate the confusion and complexity of state and local taxation.

Our experienced professional staff will develop a comprehensive understanding of your business activities and operations. We will then apply a customized tax approach that will align with your current and future business goals.

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