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Business Continuity Planning

Preparing for a crisis

As businesses experienced the global pandemic in 2020, the importance of business continuity planning became apparent. A Business Continuity Plan will allow you to define processes and procedures to ensure that during a catastrophic event, your company can maintain near-normal operations, serve your clients or customers, and recover within a pre-planned time frame.


We develop business continuity plans using a four-part process that allows you to control the project's timing and cost. Each step has a clear definition of objectives, a process to achieve the objectives, and a written report. The report contains our findings, recommended procedures, and corrective actions.

Businesses of any size will benefit from the continuity planning process. The cost is usually offset by recommendations that increase safety, reduce risks, and give greater assurance that your business assets can be replaced and functional in the time frame acceptable to you, your employees, and, most importantly, your customers.

Four Phases



  • Identify/mitigate risks
  • Risk avoidance
  • Identify/consolidate critical data
  • Standard response procedures
  • Effective event public relations
  • Safeguard employees and assets
  • Maintain operational stability

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