Network-MonitoringMany small businesses cannot afford to employ skilled IT staff. Maintenance and monitoring of key IT assets is critical to maintaining a secure processing environment. The average discovery time for an intruder in a network now averages over 200 days! At Trout CPA, our Cybersecurity specialists can assist by arranging for ongoing monitoring of critical network functions at various levels including:

  • Network Level
    • Firewall management and maintenance
    • Switch and router monitoring
  • Server Level
    • Performance monitoring
    • Essential application maintenance
    • Configuration management
    • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Workstation Level
    • Third party application security patching
    • Performance monitoring
    • Operating system patch management
    • Configuration management and enforcement
    • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Managed Support
    • Network health and performance review
    • Comprehensive network and end user support
  • Managed Off-site Backups

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