• Identify/mitigate risks
  • Risk avoidance
  • Identify/consolidate critical data
  • Standard response procedures
  • Effective event public relations
  • Safeguard employees and assets
  • Maintain operational stability

Four Phases

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Business impact analysis
  • Draft the plan
  • Plan testing and implementation

Lessons Learned

  • Can't reduce risk level to zero
  • Employee involvement in testing is critical
  • Need to identify alternate sites
  • Time to recover operations is usually seriously underestimated
  • Recreating an entire data network can take much longer than expected

  • Our Current Flyer

    The objective of Business Continuity Planning is to design procedures to ensure that an organization can, during a catastrophic event, maintain near-normal operations and recover within an agreed upon timeframe.

    We develop plans using a four-part process that allows the client to control the timing and cost of the project. Each step has a clear definition of objectives, a process to achieve the objectives, and a written report containing our findings, recommended procedures, and corrective actions.

    Businesses of any size will benefit from the continuity planning process. The cost is usually offset by recommendations that increase safety, reduce risks, and give greater assurance that your business assets can be replaced and functional in the time frame acceptable to you, your employees, and your customers.

    If you can't service your customers, someone else will!

    For additional information about our Business Continuity Planning Services, please contact Tony Miscavige, CPA, CBCP at 717-569-2900 or .

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