Cyberattacks it is no longer a question of if you will be attacked, but when!-01-191389-editedYour small business is not immune from a cyberattack. Being connected to the Internet makes you a target. Your confidential client and employee information has a price on the dark web. It is critical that you protect that information. How can you do it with a limited budget?

Our cybersecurity services for small businesses are scaled to meet your needs because the majority of our clients are small and medium-sized businesses. We also have expertise in a wide range of industries.

Our base package for a small business includes:

  • Free initial one hour consultation to determine your cyber risk profile
  • In-depth cyber risk assessment
  • Vulnerability scan of your network
  • Basic penetration test to identify network weaknesses
  • Detailed report to show strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities
  • Detailed recommendations to address critical weaknesses

If you knew you were going to be breached sometime in the next 30 days, how would you strengthen your network defenses?

Our cyber services help you answer that question – before a breach happens. There are steps you can take in the next thirty days to significantly improve your network security and make a breach or hack much less likely.

Contact our Cybersecurity Specialists to learn more and to schedule your complimentary one hour consultation.

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