Did You Receive A NJ Tax Amnesty Notice?

On November 15, 2018, New Jersey began a 60-day tax, penalty and interest amnesty program.  As a result, some taxpayers have received a tax notice with the headline "2018 NJ Tax Amnesty”.  Most of the tax notices relate to "unfiled” tax returns (income, payroll, etc.), with some going back 10 years.  Many of these returns have been incorrectly flagged in the NJ system as "unfiled”. 

If you have received one of these notices, please don’t ignore it.  Simply forward the notice to your TEG contact.  We’ve established a system to resolve these notices effectively and efficiently.  We do not recommend attempting to resolve these notices on your own; the call center phone numbers provided on the notice will not provide resolution guidance unless there is actual tax owed.

For additional information or assistance, please contact Michael Carr at  For questions related to state and local taxation (SALT), please contact Monte Anderson at

Thank you for your continued business!