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Forfeiture Accounts: Not Just Another Participant in Your 401(K) Plan

January 1st  was the start of a new plan year and for many employee benefit plans and those charged with governance may take the first quarter of 2019 to review plan provisions, benchmark investments or evaluate service providers. One area that should be reviewed is the balance in the forfeiture account. A forfeiture account is often a...

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IRS Extends Passthrough Deduction to Real Estate Rental Activities

New IRS guidance fills in several more pieces of the Code Sec. 199A passthrough deduction puzzle. Taxpayers can generally rely on all of these new final and proposed rules.

Final Regulations

The final regulations in T.D. 98xx_1 largely adopt the proposed regulations in NPRM REG-107892-18 (August 16, 2018), but with substantial modifications.


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Out-of-State Sales Tax Compliance is a New Fact of Life for Small Businesses

Written by Monte Anderson, CPA, MAc

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Written by Doug Deihm, CPA

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Labor Department Proposes Auto-Transfer Plan for Small 401(K) Accounts

Each year, nearly 15 million American workers change jobs, with many leaving their 401(k) accounts behind. The Department of Labor (DOL) is trying to relieve this headache for plan sponsors and keep employee accounts more complete by proposing a rule that would all the transfer of retirement balances left behind in participants’ 401(k) plans...

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The Cost of Providing Employee Parking Just Went Up

Written by Sandra Nonnenmocher, CPA, MST & Robin Bodine, CPA

As a business owner or administrator for a tax-exempt organization, you are well aware of the costs of providing parking for employees e.g. lot maintenance, snow removal, insurance, security, and other lot expenses.

What you may not be aware of is under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,...

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PA Education Tax Credit Guidance Issued

Pennsylvania education tax credits can still be claimed by business firms if contributions are listed as a business expense on the taxpayer’s federal return. The guidance concerns the treatment of contributions made to claim the Educational Improvement Tax Credit and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit. The state’s guidance applies to tax years...

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Guidance on 2019 Withholding Rules

The IRS has provided interim guidance for the 2019 calendar year on income tax withholding from wages and withholding from retirement and annuity distributions. In general, certain 2018 withholding rules provided in Notice 2018-14, I.R.B. 2018-7, 353, will remain in effect for the 2019 calendar year, with one exception.

The IRS and the Treasury...

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Guidance Issued on Nondeductible Portion of Parking Fringe Expenses

The IRS has provided guidance and examples for calculating the nondeductible portion of parking expenses. In addition, the IRS has provided guidance to tax-exempt organizations to help such organizations determine how unrelated business taxable income (UBTI) will be increased by the nondeductible amount of such fringe benefit expenses paid or...

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Proposed Regulations Provided for Code Sec. 163(j) Limit

The IRS has proposed regulations on the limitation on the business interest expense deduction under Code Sec. 163(j), as amended by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) ( P.L. 115-97). The IRS also has issued a safe harbor that allows taxpayers to treat certain infrastructure trades or businesses as real property trades or businesses solely for...

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